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Slyder Pumps Announces Partnership with Allesco

(CARNEY, OKLAHOMA) – Slyder Pumps moves into Q3 2022 by securing a key partnership with Allesco, a process specialty company based in Houston, Texas. Allesco will serve as a non-exclusive distributor on behalf of Slyder Pumps for the States of Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas.

Allesco is known as an established representative of the finest manufacturers of processing equipment, valves and instrumentation. As a company, they have been dedicated to providing superior products, cost-effective and quality solutions for over 50 years.

Allesco has historically aligned ourselves with the top-notch manufacturers of equipment that we intend to come to market with, and this strategic partnership is no different.  Allesco will adhere to our heritage along with Frank and Slyder Pumps unwavering support, this will be a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.  Allesco and Slyder Pumps stand ready to assist in any way possible to make your project as smooth as possible

Jeff McGhee, Allesco President/CEO

Earlier this year, the company switched from Slyder Energy Solutions to Slyder Pumps as its consumer-facing name in order to increase brand awareness, along with hiring several HPS and SRP product line specialists and sales representatives.

Slyder Pumps Allesco

Delivery to our customer in North Dakota of dual 700HP Slyder HPS packages including charge pumps and VFD’s. (Travis Watkins / Frank Williams / Aaron Seward)

We are excited about partnering with Allesco and providing value-added pumps solutions. Allesco has been providing these solutions for over 50 years and we’re fortunate to be a part of it.

Frank Williams, Slyder Pumps Founder/CEO

HPS Thrust Chamber

Slyder Pumps is a leading independent design, manufacturer, and service provider of ANSI pumps, Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS), and Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) across multiple industries. Privately owned and operated, Slyder began in 2010 and quickly became an industry leading provider of single and multistage pump system, repairs, and field services for oil and gas producers and midstream operators.