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Customizable Pump Systems Rentals

From our large fleet of HPS Rental Trailers, to our self-priming transfer pump systems, Slyder has you covered with fast delivery and set up. Our systems are fabricated 100% in-house by our highly trained technicians. The rental services we offer are fully customizable to fit your well’s exact specifications.

Like all of our products, you can rest assured that our rental systems are backed by quality and dependability. Our products are equipped with complete remote access, SWD site control, alarm callouts, and monitoring capabilities via PumpVue.

Analyze Your Well With Our Experts.

Reduce Maintenance and Improve Performance without having to replace your entire pump system. We won’t recommend a product you don’t need unless it will reduce maintenance costs, reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency of your pump system.

Flows to 100,000 BPD

Pressures up to 6,000 PSI

Automated Flow Packages